How do I play community-made levels in Geometry dash?

Playing community-made levels in Geometry Dash APK adds a whole new dimension to the game, offering endless challenges and creativity from players around the world. Here’s how you can access and play community-made levels in Geometry Dash.

How to Play Community-made levels in Geometry Dash?

As you delve into the game, you’ll soon discover that some of the most exhilarating challenges and awe-inspiring levels are not crafted by game developers but by fellow players from around the globe. These community-made levels offer a unique blend of innovation, difficulty, and artistic expression, providing players with endless opportunities to test their skills and push the boundaries of what’s possible within the game. So, if you’re ready to explore a world of infinite possibilities and embark on an adventure unlike any other, it’s time to play community-made levels in Geometry Dash.

play community made levels in geometry dash

Unlock the Community Shop

To access community-made levels, you first need to unlock the Community Shop. You can do this by collecting a certain number of user coins within the game’s official levels. User coins are typically hidden in secret areas or earned by completing special challenges.

Visit the Community Shop

Once you’ve collected enough user coins, navigate to the main menu of Geometry Dash and locate the “Shop” icon. Tap on the Shop icon to access the in-game shop.

Purchase the Community Shop

Inside the shop, you’ll find various items available for purchase, including icons, colors, and other customization options. Look for the “Community Shop” option and spend your collected user coins to unlock it.

Explore the Community Levels

After unlocking the Community Shop, return to the main menu and select the “Play” icon. From there, choose the “Search” option to browse through the community-made levels.

Search for Specific Levels or Creators

In the search menu, you can search for specific levels or creators by name. If you have a particular level in mind or want to discover levels created by a specific user, simply enter the relevant search terms and explore the results.

Play and Rate Community Levels

Once you’ve found a community-made level that interests you, tap on it to preview the level details, including its difficulty rating and user ratings. If you like what you see, tap the “Play” button to jump into the level and test your skills.

Challenge Yourself with New Creations

Community-made levels in Geometry Dash can vary widely in difficulty, design, and creativity. Challenge yourself by exploring different levels created by players from around the world, and don’t be afraid to push your limits and try something new.

Rate and Comment on Levels

After playing a community-made level, you have the option to rate and comment on it. Provide feedback to the level creator, share your thoughts with other players, and contribute to the vibrant Geometry Dash community.

Tips to Play Community-made Levels in Geometry Dash

Here are some tips to help you navigate and play community-made levels in Geometry Dash:

  • Start with Beginner-Friendly Levels: If you’re new to playing community-made levels, it’s a good idea to start with levels that are labeled as easy or beginner-friendly. These levels typically have simpler designs and are more forgiving in terms of difficulty, allowing you to ease into the experience.
  • Read Level Descriptions and Ratings: Before diving into a community-made level, take a moment to read its description and check its ratings. Look for information about the level’s difficulty, length, and any special features it may have. Pay attention to user ratings and comments to get a sense of what other players think about the level.
  • Practice Patience and Persistence: Community-made levels can vary widely in difficulty and complexity, so don’t be discouraged if you struggle with certain levels at first. Practice patience and persistence as you navigate through challenging sections and obstacles. With perseverance, you’ll gradually improve and conquer even the toughest levels.
  • Utilize Practice Mode: Geometry Dash offers a Practice Mode that allows you to play through levels without the fear of failing. Take advantage of this mode to familiarize yourself with the layout of community-made levels, practice challenging sections, and develop strategies for overcoming obstacles.
  • Experiment with Different Playstyles: Community-made levels often feature unique gameplay mechanics and design elements that may require you to adapt your playstyle. Experiment with different approaches, such as changing your character’s speed, adjusting your timing, or utilizing specific jump patterns, to find what works best for each level.
  • Take Breaks and Stay Relaxed: Playing through community-made levels can be both exhilarating and challenging. Remember to take breaks when needed to rest your eyes, stretch your muscles, and stay relaxed. Taking a moment to step away from the game can help you maintain focus and avoid frustration.
  • Explore User-Created Content: Don’t limit yourself to just playing community-made levels; also take the time to explore other user-created content, such as custom icons, colors, and backgrounds. Experiment with different customization options to personalize your gaming experience and showcase your unique style.
  • Share Feedback and Support: If you enjoy playing a particular community-made level, consider leaving a positive rating or comment to show your support for the level creator. Providing feedback and encouragement can help motivate creators to continue designing and sharing their creations with the community.


Community-made levels are levels created by players using the level editor tool within Geometry Dash. These levels are not designed by the game developers but instead by members of the community.

To access community-made levels, you need to unlock the Community Shop within the game. Once unlocked, you can browse and play community-made levels from the level selection menu.

Yes, community-made levels are free to play for all Geometry Dash players. There is no additional cost associated with accessing or playing these levels.

After playing a community-made level, you have the option to rate it using a star rating system. You can rate levels based on their difficulty, creativity, and overall enjoyment.


By following these steps, you can easily access and play community-made levels in Geometry Dash, expanding your gaming experience and discovering new challenges created by fellow players. So, dive into the Community Shop, explore the vast library of user-created content, and prepare to test your skills in the exciting world of Geometry Dash!

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